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How it all started.

January 16, 2015 on a ferry between Harlingen and Terschelling. Ronald and Freerk, friends since university, are going to Terschelling for a weekend with their partners. The target? Just a nice weekend. Cycling, eating, socializing. Because that’s what you do with friends.

Freerk and Ronald sit next to each other on the boat and chat about their business concerns. Ronald is busy with a new startup and Freerk also has ideas to start a new company. They both face the same challenges and consider what it would be like to set up something together. It stays with the idea at that moment, but the seed is planted.

A few months later, Ronald threw the towel. This startup did not make it, on to the next adventure. Coincidentally, at that moment, Freerk just had the chance to do an interesting project. A new application must be developed for a major Dutch retailer. Because Freerk cannot do it on his own, he asks Ronald to help bring this project to a successful conclusion.

They tackle the project together and realize what they had discussed on the boat to Terschelling a few months before. Would it be that we are going to build something together?

The cooperation runs smoothly. What do you want if you have known each other for so long? This tastes for more and after completion of the project new challenges are quickly sought.

It is now March 2016. For inspiration, Ronald and Freerk are going together to the EuroCIS, the largest retail trade show in Europe. The idea is to be open to new ideas and spot trends. They know very well that it makes little sense to become the umpteenth cloud checkout software supplier, but retail is a very interesting sector.

Soon they find it. They notice how many monitoring systems there are. One even more beautiful than the other, and they all have the same problem: You need a PC with a very large screen.

But how many supermarket managers want to watch a screen all day? And do you, as a store owner, want your manager to look at a screen? Ofcourse not! The supermarket manager must be visible to customers.

The information on the screens is valuable, but not in that place. The triggers that the different (information) systems generate should end up directly with the relevant employee. And not on a PC, but on a handheld device, a mobile or a PDA.

And at that very moment the foundation for Cymbra was laid….

Freerk Kalsbeek, Founder and CEO
Ronald Elfferich, Founder and COO
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