Taskmanagement for retailers

All paper out of the store
Digitize all in-store activity planning

Taskmanagement for retailers

Cymbra helps stores improve productivity. We achieve that by introducing smart technology that helps associates to do the right things at the right time.

Increase Productivity

Do the right things at the right time and prevent doing things twice.

Real-time Insight

With Cymbra, the store manager always has real-time insight into the daily business.

Improve Customer Experience

Save time to be able to provide the customer with more and better service. Take the store to a higher level.

Cymbra provided the structure we where looking for

Jan Postma, Owner Plus Postma

Taskmanagement platform for store associates

Communication is key

In retail, good communication plays an increasingly important role. The exchange of information between head office and branches is increasing, both in volume and in speed. A good and fast flow of information is important not only in the commercial area, but laws and regulations also impose increasingly stringent requirements on the proper recording of data.

Information overload

In many cases, this leads to a flood of messages to branch and department managers. They must receive all information, perform the associated activities and record the result in one way or another. In addition, a variety of means are used for this, from email and WhatsApp messages to paper checklists. Due to the diversity of sources and resources, the overview is lacking and proper process monitoring cannot take place. This often leads to all kinds of disruptions and deviations from the operational processes.

Integral solution

With the Cymbra platform these problems can be solved in an integrated way. By using a single, real-time communication platform within the chain, all activities can be deployed, executed and recorded on time. The results are then easily visible. Tasks can be scheduled in fixed or shot in at any time, for example during a control round in a branch. By making the deadline visible and monitoring it, monitoring the implementation becomes a lot easier and more transparent.

Practical applications

Examples of processes that Cymbra is currently deployed for include recalls, daily checklists, weekly check-ups and occasional store inspections. The use of Cymbra is an important improvement in all these areas. The quality of the operational processes has increased considerably. And a lot of time is saved by using all the possibilities of smartphones.

"With Cymbra, we got more control over our processes"

About Cymbra

Cymbra was founded in 2016 as a spin-off from a project at a major Dutch food retailer. The entrepreneurs discovered that there is a great need to improve productivity in the store. A physical store has an important asset that online retailers cannot use as well: the staff. At the same time, staff is also one of the largest cost items for the retailer. By deploying staff as efficiently as possible, productivity and thus profitability of the store can be improved. We do everything we can to help store associates to do better every day.

Freerk Kalsbeek

Founder en CEO

Ronald Elfferich

Founder en COO

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