Task management for retailers

Because it all boils down to perfect execution

A vision and strategy aren’t enough.
The long-term key to success is execution.
Each day. Every day.

Richard M Kovacevich, Chairman, Wells Fargo

Recognize any of these?

  • Disappointing sales?
  • Complaining customers?
  • Complaints about excessive workload?
  • High staff turnover?
  • Structural exceeding of (standard) hours?
  • Cleaning is not good?
  • Regularly unfinished work?
  • Empty shelves?
  • Store doesn’t look proper?
  • Checklists are not being used?
  • Structurally high shrinkage?
  • Management and executives must assist regularly?
  • Checklists are ticked off with turbo tick
  • Promotions are falling behind expectations?

Your vision and strategy are great. Your plan well thought out, and still ...

If results are not forthcoming, there is often something wrong with execution. And execution is what it’s all about in the end. 

When execution is not as good as it is supposed to be, your vision, strategy and plans are worthless. 

It’s better to have a bad plan with an excellent execution than a great plan but poorly executed. 

Small disruptions and irritations in execution are clear signals. You can compare them with symptoms of a peat fire: It goes unnoticed for a very long time until the flames suddenly flare up. Then it is too late. 

Fortunately it can be prevented by paying more attention to the activities rather than just looking at the results.

I’d rather have a first-rate execution and second-rate strategy any time than a brilliant idea and mediocre management.

Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Cymbra Task management:
The operating system for store operations


What needs to be done
Who should execute the task
When should it be done
Where has the task to be executed
How should the job been done
Why is it important to do it


Real time overview of tasks
Accepting tasks
Signing off tasks
Notification when deadline exceeded
Notification on urgent tasks
Feedback about execution of tasks


Real time dashboards
Detailed reporting
Collecting data during execution
Assurance of strategy and planning
Review photo’s and video’s
Export data for analytic purpose


  • One real time platform for all (task related) communication
  • Live insight and overview enabling management
  • No paper checklists anymore, all lists are being digitized
  • More relaxed atmosphere and structure lead to noticeable positive effects on associates
  • No upfront investments, everything is running in the cloud
  • Costs based on actual usage, not on number of employees or stores
  • No investments in devices, use existing store PDA's

Typical use cases

  • Daily activity lists
  • Ad hoc tasks
  • Quality assurance
  • Brand compliancy checks
  • Management of product recalls
  • Storerounds
  • HACCP registration and reporting


With Cymbra we gained much more control over our processes

Jonathan Vosselman, store manager Albert Heijn

Cymbra gave me the structure that I was looking for

Jan Postma, owner PLUS Postma

Cymbra really helps us to do a better job each and every day

Hans Kok, owner Jumbo Hans Kok

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